PlayerUnknown’s Battleground stats wiped and Steam family share turned off

puEarlier today, all of the leaderboards in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have been wiped, resettings everyone’s win/lose count right the way back down to zero. The leaderboard system will remain offline until tomorrow when a new patch will be rolled out, and only then will players be able to start recording stats again.

You can still see your stats in the game, but they won’t be reflected in the overall data presented. More of a trophy-like state some would say.

Along with this patch, Bluehole also announced that they will be removing the possibility of playing the game through Steam’s family share feature. This was “due to abuse” as they stated on their Twitter page this morning. However, accounts which are currently bound to the Steam family share can continue to play using it, just not new ones.

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