LA Noire remaster may be in the works; VR and first person to be added

Rockstar’s popular crime thriller, LA Noire, may be getting a remaster soon. While rumors have been around, an announcement may come soon.

A Rockstar leaker went to Twitter back in January to start the process. The same leaker also accurately released information about The Lost and the Damned DLC for GTA IV.

However, Switch doesn’t really seem like a primary focus for Rockstar, so the rumors kind of fell off after a while.

A few days after though, another leaker backed up the claims.

What brings this to the focal point now is that WWG has heard from three sources that the game is, in fact, coming. WWG has been responsible for a few accurate leaks in the past, so there’s something to be said about that.

An announcement should be coming soon if the game is being developed, and WWG claims their tippers have talked of VR support and first-person mode much like GTA V.

Let’s hope that modding is still included.

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