Paul Lester

Coming from humble beginnings, and with an even more humble present, this gaming/anime nerd can usually be found catching up on every new show that comes out, keeping up to date on the latest gaming news, and writing to each of his adoring fans. Well... that last one may have been a dream.

Spellforce 3 Review

One of the most polished strategy games of the year! A fun mix of RTS and RPG that will keep you coming back for more.

Riskers Review

Riskers has the bones of a good story; you are Rick, a bored trash collector itching for excitement and danger who finds a briefcase full of cash.

Distrust Review

“Inspired by John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’”. Quite possibly the shortest, yet most accurate, Steam blurb I’ve ever seen.

Papers, Please short film adaptation shown off

Lucas Pope, the developer behind Papers, Please, unveiled on Twitter some behind-the-scenes production shots of the upcoming short film based on the game.

Destiny 2 PC requirements are “reasonable”

Destiny 2 developer, Bungie has said in a recent interview that the PC requirements won’t be huge and will be reasonable for most PC gamers.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun Acquired by Gamer Network

One of the biggest PC centralized media outlets, Rock, Paper, Shotgun has today announced they have been acquired by Gamer Network.

Battlefield 1 breaks the premium play wall

DICE announced today that they will now allow owners of Battlefield 1 premium to share the perks of the experience with standard players.