Jose Porter

Jose will play just about any game with standards low enough to let him play it. Still waiting patiently for a Ninja Gaiden Black port.

Epic Games Store MEGA Sale 2023 could bring 8 free games

If rumors hold true, this year's mega sale could offer not four, but a whopping eight free games!

Monster Hunter World beta won’t be coming to PC

Monster Hunter: World was announced earlier this year, and the anticipation is strong. For the first time ever, a Monster Hunter title is being released on both PC and Xbox.

Civilization III Complete free for a limited time

Humble Bundle is giving away Civilization III Complete for 48 hours. Despite the age of the game, it’s still one of the best Civilization games out there.

15-year-old girl runs Clash of Clans developer for a day

Supercell, the developer of the wildly popular Clash of Clans, handed down control of the company to a 15-year-old girl for one day.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is announced, but not in development yet

Leaks and rumors generally give a pretty good indication of what is going to come out at E3.